Unlocking the value of partner support in Australia: A win-win for all

In the evolving landscape of modern business and family life, a comprehensive approach to work assignments and relocation is critical. The rise of dual-income families and heightened female workforce participation have revolutionised the concept of what we call ‘partner support’. It’s no longer just about the primary employee; a successful relocation often hinges on the […]

Global mobility trends 2023: from agility to sustainability

Discover the trends that are shaping the mobility industry in 2023 Mobility professionals have to seriously flex their skills, managing assignees in an ever-changing landscape. From the pandemic, to conflicts, the need to be agile is now a job requirement. The good news for many is that DEI and sustainability are now higher up the […]

Celebrating Women in Global Mobility

Our conversations centred on career progression opportunities for women, misconceptions about women in leadership roles, advice for young women starting in the field, and how organisations can encourage diversity and equity in employee mobility programs.

Mobility for universities: key considerations to close the deal

The world’s most prestigious academics and researchers don’t all hail from the same university town in which they reside. Tier 1 universities – the Ivy League and Australia Top 8 equivalents – have always recruited globally to bring the brightest minds into their faculties and departments. We’re talking highly decorated professors and researchers from all […]