Decluttering your way to a stress-free move

Tips to make the moving process a little easier while minimising waste, contributing to a greener environment, and making your move as stress-free as possible.

Unlocking the value of partner support in Australia: A win-win for all

In the evolving landscape of modern business and family life, a comprehensive approach to work assignments and relocation is critical. The rise of dual-income families and heightened female workforce participation have revolutionised the concept of what we call ‘partner support’. It’s no longer just about the primary employee; a successful relocation often hinges on the […]

Thinking of bringing your car with you to New Zealand?

The dramatic depreciation in value of most vehicles during the first three years after purchase, results in many ‘ditch hoppers’ choosing to ship their cars along with their personal effects and furniture. The Australian standards for motor vehicle registration are very similar to New Zealand standards, so most vehicles can be legally imported to New […]