What is it like relocating interstate?

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Every relocation is life changing, and each one is unique. Even if you’ve moved before the anxieties and the complexities of a move are very real, and often overwhelming. We chatted to one of our customers for his experience on moving interstate, how to prepare for the move and his advice for people who are planning to move.

What led to you moving from Townsville to Brisbane?

I have accepted a job transfer within my company. I moved from Townsville to Brisbane. Townsville is about 1300km north-west of Brisbane.  

Have you done long-distance moving before?

I have moved a few times. From India to New Zealand, and from New Zealand to Australia. Even though I have moved before, the anxieties and the complexities of moving are very real.

What sort of challenges did you expect?

Moving was physically and mentally exhausted for me. It could be extremely overwhelming moving on your own. Crown packed and unpacked my belongings with a lot of care and attention.

Crown Interstate Relocation

What did you take with you?

I decided to take my newer furniture, sound system and television with me. I decided to leave behind my old couch and dining table. I want everything to be simple, to know I am in safe hands and that the things that matter most to me are taken care of.

How did Crown make things simpler?

Since it was an internal job transfer, my company has contracted Crown to be their mobility and relocation partner. Crown’s Mobility Advisor contacted me to schedule a briefing call, conduct a video survey to go through my inventory. They gave me expert advice and guided me through the process, even took me on a virtual tour to my new home in Brisbane. The uplift day was smooth as Crown organised everything.

I appreciated the level of service Crown provided. I felt prepared and reassured that important tasks were completed with care.

What advice would you give to people who are planning to move?

I would advise people to choose a professional removalist to support you all the way from the planning stages, through to packing and settling in your new home.  

A professional removals company offers you your own single point of contact. This simplifies matters as you have someone managing your move above the operational level, who can make sure you’re satisfied with everything.

Crown worked with me to create a tailored relocation experience for me. They were by my side throughout the journey offering expert guidance, taking responsibility and making everything simpler.

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