Moving abroad checklist: 7 essential tips for a smooth transition

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Moving overseas from Australia can be an exciting and challenging experience. With so much to organise, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder how you’ll get everything done on time. But fear not – you don’t have to go it alone. The experts at Crown Relocations have put together a helpful checklist of 7 top tips to guide you through the process of moving to a new country.

Start early: International removals take more time than you might think. Depending on the country you’re moving to and what you’re moving, your international move could take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. To ensure you get your move booked for your preferred date, it’s best to get in touch with an international removals company at least three months before you want to move. This gives the removalists plenty of time to help you plan and manage your move.

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Understand school requirements: Finding the right school for your children can be a time-consuming process. It’s not just about researching schools; the application procedures can also be lengthy. For instance, securing a place for your child in a school in Singapore can take up to six months! If your children need to enrol in a local school, it’s crucial to get in touch with Crown’s local experts well in advance. By communicating your children’s educational needs, the experts can promptly commence the search for suitable schools and initiate the application process.

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Prioritise finding your new home: The sooner you know where you’ll be living, the easier your move will be. Knowing the floor plan of your new home will help you decide what to bring and what to leave behind. It’s also essential to know the neighbourhood you’ll be moving to as soon as possible. At Crown, our home search service can help you find properties and neighbourhoods that match your needs.

Be prepared upon arrival: It’s important not to worry about your belongings arriving at the same time as you do. Numerous variables, such as rough seas, traffic congestion, and mechanical issues, can affect shipping schedules. Instead, plan for the possibility that your household goods may not be readily available upon your arrival. Ensure that you have essential items with you during your travel. You can pack them in your luggage (consider paying for extra baggage allowances if available) or send them separately via air freight to guarantee their timely arrival.

Avoid unnecessary moves: If you’re going to be living in temporary accommodation, such as an Airbnb or rental property, don’t rush to get your possessions delivered. Moving your belongings twice can be costly and time-consuming. Instead, consider using our network of storage facilities across the globe. We can keep your items safe and secure until you’re ready to unpack them in your new home.

Maximise storage solutions: If you’re uncertain about the size or suitability of your new home for all your belongings, consider utilising storage options. Crown’s storage facilities can accommodate your items until you’re fully settled and ready to allocate them.

This approach prevents clutter and allows you to gradually furnish and organise your new living space overseas. With the convenience and security offered by Crown’s storage solutions, you can take your time and make informed decisions about your possessions.

Settle in with ease: We don’t drop your things on your front step and walk away; we’re here to help even after you step into your new home. After all, setting up your new life in a new country isn’t always an easy process! Even jobs like setting up a phone or internet connection can be tricky when things are done a little differently.

Our settling-in team can take on jobs like this for you, helping you to find the nearest doctor or directing you to the local supermarket, they’ll help you get things sorted, so you can focus on living your life instead of jumping through hoops to arrange services.

Remember, every move is unique, and it’s natural to have more questions or concerns along the way. Your Move Manager will be with you every step of the way, from the moment you get your quote to the moment you step into your new home at your destination country and beyond.

Send us details of your planned move and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, ready and waiting to answer all your questions. For us, nothing matters more than your move.

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