International Air Freight Shipping Services

The preferred transport option for time-sensitive items.

Air freight removal services

You may require selected items such as kitchen utensils, clothing or even children’s toys to arrive ahead of your sea freight shipment. Crown Relocations is able to provide door to door air freight services to virtually any international destination.

Air freight removals services include:

Professional packing of personal effects

Security requirements ensure that international air cargo can only be packed by accredited air cargo personnel. Crown Relocations will ensure the required export security screening and compliance procedures are adhered to, so your consignment is released to fly as soon as possible.

Most direct flight routing

While airport transhipment may be unavoidable for some final destinations, Crown Relocations will wherever possible recommend the most direct flight routing for your international air freight consignment.

Expedited customs clearance and delivery

We appreciate the importance of achieving the fastest possible transit of your air freight belongings, which is why we ensure destination customs documentation is checked and approved prior to despatch.

Airline security screening and hazardous goods restrictions:

All air freight cargo departing or arriving into Australia is subject to a rigorous security process which includes 100% physical screening at the airport as well as regulation and accreditation of packing staff and air cargo booking agents. This means self packing of cartons or packages for air freight is not permitted. All belongings to be included in an air freight consignment must be packed by Dept of Home Affairs accredited Crown Relocations staff or representatives. There are restrictions on the nature and quantity of electronic and electrical items, lithium batteries and other combustible items for air freight transportation.

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