Home Installation Services

From electrics to artwork and photos, make sure everything’s perfect for your arrival.

Specialist assembly or installation

Moving into a new home often requires the reassembly of complex entertainment systems, lighting or even plumbing an integrated fridge. Crown Relocations can arrange qualified tradespeople or handyman services to assist with these tasks and leave the settling in to you.

Our handyman services include:

Assembly and installation services

Disassembly or reassembly of fitness equipment, modular furniture, shelving units, trampolines, cubby houses and shelving units.

Professional trades services

Electrician disconnection or installation of chandeliers, light fittings and other electrical hardwired household items. Plumber disconnection or reconnection of plumbed water dispensing refrigerators.

TV and entertainment systems

TV, Hi-Fi and home theatre surround sound entertainment installations.

Artwork hanging and installations

Hanging of artworks, mirrors and sculpture installations.

Speak to your Crown Relocations moving consultant for more information on any of the above services. 

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We understand that waiting at home for a moving consultant may not be convenient, which is why we offer a simple video assessment using your smartphone.

You can choose between a guided live video consultation “Smart Consult” with one of our moving experts or a self-service video option. Either choice will provide us with everything we need to know to accurately assess and prepare your moving quotation.

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