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An extraordinary business story

Crown Relocations Australia Pty Ltd is a member of the Crown Worldwide Group, a unified organisation that provides relocation, mobility, project logistics and records management business services across a worldwide network of some 50 countries. The Crown story began with the founder and Crown Worldwide Group Chairman, Jim Thompson in 1965 and has expanded from humble beginnings to grow into an extraordinary global business.

At Crown we support our customers globally through our regional headquarters and offices in 200 locations in some 50 countries worldwide. This architecture enables us to provide support to companies and individuals globally and locally with the services they need.

Crown Worldwide Group is a unified organisation, and the companies that make up the group share a common quality—the experience and insight to know how to accomplish anything, from the complex to the routine. Our people around the world help you to manage a globally mobile workforce, to take care of local, national and worldwide relocations, to protect the integrity of your corporate information or to ensure the safe transit of fine art works. Whatever you ask of us, you can be certain we will do it well. Crown Worldwide Group is made up of complementary divisions offering business services all over the world.

Our purpose

“Making it simpler to live, work and do business anywhere in the world.”

What we believe

At Crown we have always believed that the opportunity for staff to find options to work outside their home country makes the organisation stronger; that every country and culture can learn from how others see the world. We also know, and understand, people moving from one location to another, while rewarding, can be complicated and stressful.
We also believe companies can thrive when their corporate memory is safe and their people have easy, secure access to the information that matters to help them run their businesses. In addition, we also consider workplaces and people to be the biggest investments companies make, and together are key to inspiring better performance.
That’s why we’ve always been committed to making it simpler to live, work, and do business anywhere in the world.

Why is simplification important?

In an increasingly complex world, simplicity makes life easier for our clients and customers.
We achieve this through:

Guided by our enduring values

Five core values help bring our purpose to life:
happy couple smiling ready to relocate

Our values

Our brand values are the backbone of our company’s culture, and shape the way we do things on a daily basis.
They are our promises to both ourselves and our customers, and describe the behaviours that underpin the success of the Crown Worldwide brand:

Determined to be the best we can for our customer

Determined to be the best we can for our customer, our colleagues and ourselves. Our hunger to find ways of improving all that we do, inside and out, is what gives us our edge in our market place.

Crown Relocations cares about people

We care about people. We care about their experience, their feelings, and their environment, whther personal, local or the wider world.

Crown Relocation is always 'there' for our customers and colleagues

We're truly 'there' for our customers and colleagues when and where they need us. Attentive, with genuine interest and guidance.

open and inventive mind

To lead the way we have to think differently. To overcome challenges we embrace them with open and inventive mind. Whether it's using innovative techniques or adapting the way we work we're constantly thinking of new ways to achieve more for all.


What is a network without knowledge? The physical infrastructure and the technology are mere carriers. The experience and the insight that is shared between people, offices and countries, that is the network. Sharing knowledge and experience is the platform for wisdom.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At Crown, we believe that giving back to the community is in our DNA. We do business in a way that positively impacts the communities in which we live and work.

Two of our five core values reflect this – ‘Caring‘ and ‘There‘; highlighting how important goodwill and generosity are to us as an organisation.
Crown Australia is partnering with HeartKids to help make a real and lasting impact for the Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) community.


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We understand that waiting at home for a moving consultant may not be convenient, which is why we offer a simple video assessment using your smartphone.

You can choose between a guided live video consultation “Smart Consult” with one of our moving experts or a self-service video option. Either choice will provide us with everything we need to know to accurately assess and prepare your moving quotation.

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