House Packing Services

The success of any international or long distance domestic removal is the quality of the packing.

Packing services

Crown Relocations packers are security cleared and trained to skilfully prepare and pack your belongings for long distance transit using high quality, recyclable materials. Heavy duty plastic covers are placed on all upholstered furniture items and mattresses. Delicate artworks, marble or ornate mirrors will be measured for custom wooden or high density cardboard crates.

moving service staff with cardboard boxes

Specialist packing boxes

We stock an extensive range of high quality specialist cartons and wrapping materials designed to withstand transit transhipment and handling.




Moving staff carefully wrapping kitchenware

Transit Pack – our standard carton for linen, kitchen utensils, crockery and cookware.
46 x 46 x 71cm


Port-A-Robe – A carton designed to transport hanging clothes

Port-A-Robe – A carton designed to transport hanging clothes.
57 x 56 x 100cm

Art Pack – Versatile carton for framed prints

Art Pack – Versatile carton for framed prints, pictures and non-gilded mirrors.
95 x9 x 80cm


Golf Pack – A sturdy carton for your full set golf bags

Golf Pack – A sturdy carton for your full set golf bags.
45 x 115 x 30cm


young woman packing the books in cardboard boxes

Book Pack – Extremely strong, smaller sized cartons for books, files and magazines.
47 x 30 x 35cm

dedicated wine storage and transport carton with lay flat cardboard inserts

Wine Pack – A dedicated wine storage and transport  carton with lay flat cardboard inserts.
46 x 46 x 71cm

moving service staff packing

Flat Clothing Pack – Designed for folded clothing as well as suits and dresses when being consigned by air freight.
92 x 46 x 31cm

Moving service employees with TV carton box

Flat screen TVs come in all shapes and sizes, so Crown Relocations stocks a range of TV cartons with flexible foam inserts to cover Televisions ranging from 30″ right through to 80″ screens.

Crown Relocation recyclable packing materials
Recyclable materials at every turn

Our pledge to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, means we insist on fully recyclable packing and wrapping materials.

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