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Premiere vehicle shipping from Australia: have your vehicle ready to use at your new home.

International vehicle shipping services to New Zealand and the United Kingdom

The dramatic depreciation in value of most vehicles during the first 3 years after purchase, means you may wish to ship your car along with your personal effects and furniture. The Australian standards for motor vehicle registration are very similar to New Zealand and United Kingdom standards, so most vehicles can be legally imported to these two markets without requiring modifications. There are also concessionary customs entry exemptions available in the UK and New Zealand which may make shipping a financially viable decision.

Crown Relocations vehicle shipping services from Australia include:

Pre-shipment vehicle preparation

Receival of your vehicle at any of our Crown Relocations branch network depots around Australia. Completion of a detailed vehicle condition report and removal of licence plates.

Export customs clearance

Facilitating the export customs clearance with Australian Border Force.

Loading and securing

Loading and securing the vehicle into the shipping line container. Installing silica gel moisture absorbent bags to prevent condensation.

Ocean freight

Booking of ocean freight, haulage and terminal transactions.

Destination services

Facilitating customs clearance at destination and arranging local vehicle inspections and compliance. Providing collection from our nominated international warehouse or optional delivery of the vehicle to your final destination.

Additional costs and considerations

There are local costs payable at destination for New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries quarantine inspection as well as local RTA structural inspections. Vehicles cannot be under finance when shipped and both the UK and New Zealand have GST and VAT concession restrictions upon resale of imported vehicles. For further information, contact Crown Relocations.

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