Interstate Pet Transport Services

Door-to-door, personalised care for your precious pets, anywhere in Australia.

Interstate pet transfer services

Moving a pet across interstate is a complex undertaking requiring both expertise and empathy. We help you navigate the ins and outs of interstate pet relocation services, all customised to you and your pet’s individual needs and timeframes.

When it comes to choosing your pet courier, we only work with certified members of IPATA. This organisation sets the professional standards and ethics involved in animal transport, monitoring the performance of its members. 

Rest assured that while we are moving you and your household goods, your pet is in capable hands with a partner that focuses all of their efforts on managing your pet’s flights and any boarding to synchronise with your own travels plans, making your move simpler for you and your pet. 

Interstate pet transport services include:

Pre-departure services

Flight bookings, appropriate travel crate provision, pet health checks, veterinary advice and preparation of detailed travel itinerary.

In flight care

Collection of your pet from your residence by accredited pet handlers, pre-flight airport relaxation comfort session, health and hydration check, securing into travel cages with stay dry fleece mats and built in water feeders, travel within an 18 degrees celcius dedicated aircraft pet cabin with comfort stops between flight connections.

Destination arrival services

Destination health check, boarding services where required and delivery to your final destination address by accredited pet handlers.

Optional airport drop-off or collection

You may wish to drop off or collect your pet directly at the airport. Receiving and handing out of your pet together with flights can be arranged to coincide with your own travel arrangements subject to flight cargo capacity. Generally, your pet will be ready for collection one to two hours after the flight lands. 

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Moving interstate with your pets?

When it comes to the well-being and safety of interstate pet relocations, we want to make sure that you and your beloved pets, have a flawless experience.

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