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The complete guide to moving to the United States

Moving to the United States is a wonderful adventure with lots to discover. Famous landmarks, a rich history, diverse cultures, great work and learning chances – the USA offers so much for personal and professional growth.

However, moving to the USA from Australia also means facing new challenges in a new country. That’s where Crown Relocations comes in. We’ve created a helpful guide to give you all the info you need about moving to the USA, including shipping household goods from Australia to the USA. As a top international moving company from Australia, we have the expertise to make your overseas move smooth and easy.


Buying a House in the US

If you’re moving to the USA, you can buy a house as an expat. But before you do, there are important factors to consider.

First, having a good credit history and steady income is key. This is because securing a loan to purchase a house can be challenging for expats, given that you may not have a long-term work history in the USA.

Second, you need to consider the expenses related to purchasing a house. The cost can vary greatly based on your chosen location. These expenses cover items such as stamp duty, which is a tax when you buy property, as well as fees for legal assistance and property surveyor fees.

Third, be ready for the fact that the process of buying a house in the USA might take a few months. This is because there are extra rules and steps to follow when you buy property. Also, finding a lender that is willing to provide a loan might take time if your credit history is short.

If you’re thinking of buying a house, it’s important to get expert guidance from a solicitor or a real estate agent. They can guide you through the process and ensure a smooth experience.

Setting up home

If you’re thinking about finding a place to live in the USA, there are a variety of options to choose from. You can rent an apartment or buy a house. Before you decide where to live, consider factors such as your budget, the kind of home you prefer, and your desired location.

Once you’ve thought about these things and chosen what type of housing you want, you can start looking for a place to live. There are several websites that can help you find accommodation in the USA, including:

  • Homes.com: This website is a good way to begin your search for a home in the USA. It has lots of apartments and houses for rent or sale, and it also has helpful articles about renting or buying.
  • Zillow.com: Another website with many homes for rent or sale. Zillow has a useful tool that lets you look for homes based on their price, where they are, and other things.
  • Rommates.com: This website is good if you want to share a home with other people. It has lots of rooms for rent in apartments and houses across the USA.

Transporting your belongings

Moving all your belongings can feel overwhelming, especially when it involves transporting them to a different country. But don’t worry, Crown Relocations is here to help with your move to the USA. Our experienced team of international removalists will take care of everything – from packing, loading, transporting, and delivering your items.

When it comes to shipping your household goods from Australia to the USA, we use either sea freight or air freight, depending on how much you have and how fast you need them. We’re one of the world’s largest removalists of personal items, so we can offer great rates for sea freight. As an additional option, you can also send important things like clothes, toys, or kitchen items ahead using our air freight service that brings your belognings right to your door. Moving to the United States might make you feel stressed, but we’re here to make it easy by handling all the details. No matter if you’re moving for work or personal reasons, Crown Relocations is here to make sure moving to the USA is as smooth and stress-free as possible.


In the USA, you usually pay for utilities every month. The most common utilities are broadband, water, gas, and electricity.

Broadband gives you speedy internet and many companies offer unlimited data plans, so you don’t need to stress about using too much. Getting connected is usually fast.

Water, gas, and electricity are all provided by utility companies. It’s a good idea to compare prices before choosing a plan because the costs can vary significantly. You can use a website like uSwitch to easily compare different deals.


When moving to the United States, it is crucial to get your finances in order so that you can support yourself and your family.

Open a bank account in the USA: Before you move, find a bank in the USA where you can open an account. This way, managing your money and making transactions will be easier once you’re there.

Plan your spending: Moving to the USA can be quite expensive, so setting up a budget and sticking to it is important. Think about everything you’ll spend on, like housing, transportation, food, and fun things to do, and plan accordingly.

Watch the exchange rate: Currencies go up and down, so keeping an eye on the exchange rate is wise. Try to exchange your money when the rate is good. You can use an online converter or talk to an expert. To learn more, visit our page on Foreign Currency Transfer.


Getting around

The USA offers a fantastic public transportation network that makes travelling across the country quite convenient. When it comes to covering long distances, trains are the top choice, connecting major cities and towns seamlessly.

Another option for getting around is by driving. You can either purchase or rent a car. Keep in mind that driving in the USA might present some challenges due to busy roads. If you decide to rent a car, ensure you have insurance that covers driving there. It’s also a good idea to familiarise yourself with the traffic rules before taking the driver’s seat.

Despite the busy roads, driving provides an excellent opportunity to explore the breathtaking American countryside. If you’re planning on doing a lot of driving, using a navigation system can help you navigate unfamiliar routes.

Buses are another popular mode of public transport, often more affordable than trains. Buses can take you to destinations that aren’t easily accessible by trains, and many are operated by private companies in the USA.

Everyday life

The USA is a place full of excitement and diversity, standing out for its own special qualities. Unlike many other Western countries, the USA celebrates its own set of special holidays that you won’t find anywhere else.

With a diverse selection of delicious foods and plenty of historic sites to explore, the USA is famous for providing all sorts of adventures for its people. Whether you’re discovering famous landmarks, taking hikes in the countryside, or uncovering delicious restaurants, there’s an endless array of things to explore and enjoy throughout the USA.


Can I drive in the USA?

If you’re moving to the USA from another country, you might be curious about how driving works there. The good news is that if you have a driver’s license from your home country, you might be able to use it in the US for a limited time. The exact duration can vary, but it’s usually around 12 months. However, it’s important to check if your home country is on the list. If it’s not, don’t worry! You’ll just need to take a driving test to get a US license. To make things easier, there’s a government website that helps explain the process.


School options in the US

In the US, there are various school options. You can send your children to a state school – also known as public schools, which are free to attend. Private schools are not free and are funded by tuition fees; however, they offer unique programs. Some families also choose homeschooling for personalised education. The range of choices lets families find the right fit for their child’s learning journey.

Legal System

The US has a common law legal system. This system is based on precedent, or previous court decisions, to establish legal principles. The legal structure in the US includes the following types of courts:

  • District Courts
  • Circuit Courts of Appeals
  • Supreme Court of the United States

Additionally, at the state level, each state has its own court system, which may include trial courts, intermediate appellate courts, and a state supreme court. These courts handle matters related to state laws and regulations.

It’s worth noting that the US legal system is federal in nature, with both federal and state courts coexisting.

Employment, Visas and Permits

Securing a job is a significant aspect of moving to the United States, and the encouraging news is that there is a wealth of job opportunities available, especially if you possess the necessary skills in areas like technology, finance and healthcare.

The best approach to finding employment is through a recruitment agency, which can help you find a position that match your skills and background. You can also search for job listings on online platforms like Indeed and Monster.

Before commencing work in the US, obtaining a valid work visa is essential. The visa you need will depend on factors such as your nationality, the reason for your stay, and the duration you plan to stay in the country. For detailed information on the available visa types and the application process, refer to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website.

Working conditions in the US generally offer favourable benefits to employees, including paid vacations, sick leave, and contributions to retirement funds. Keep in mind that work hours in the US are often longer than in many other countries. The usual workweek is around 40 hours, but certain positions might require more time.

Salaries across the United States are generally competitive and contingent on your skills, background, and geographic location. For instance, salaries in major cities like New York often surpass those in other regions of the country.

It is also worth noting that the cost of living in the US is relatively high, particularly in metropolitan areas like New York City. Expenses related to housing, food, and transportation can be notably steep.


The US provides healthcare through various means. Many people have private health insurance, either obtained individually or provided by their employers. Government programs like Medicare and Medicaid offer healthcare coverage to eligible citizens and residents. Unlike certain other countries, healthcare costs in the US are typically covered through insurance premiums, personal expenses, and government-supported initiatives.

Moving to the United States with Crown Relocations

Opting for Crown Relocations when moving to the USA is an excellent decision for those seeking a dependable and seasoned international moving partner. As a renowned international removalist, Crown Relocations is well-prepared to cater to all your requirements when moving to the USA from Australia. With a legacy spanning over five decades in this field, we present an array of services aimed at ensuring a seamless transition, encompassing packing, storage, and transportation. Throughout the entire journey, our team of professionals will be by your side, guiding you through every step and enabling you to concentrate on settling comfortably into your new American abode.

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