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If you’re choosing to relocate interstate, it may seem only a short distance in comparison to moving overseas. However, the challenges you will face in this endeavour will be quite the same as if you were. We have narrowed down the top tips that make moving interstate easier for you and your family, and also help save you time and money.

Tip 1: Declutter before you pack

Spring cleaning doesn’t always have to happen in Spring. In fact, the most appropriate time to declutter and donate your unwanted items to charity is before moving. After all, what would be the point of organising, packing and unpacking an item that you will throw out in your new home after a week?

Before you start packing everything up, we suggest getting out some reusable bags donating whatever doesn’t serve you any longer. You may be surprised about how many things you decide you don’t actually need.

Tip 2: Pack carefully

While packing, it’s so important to take time to pack carefully. But what does packing carefully mean? Packing may remind you of playing Tetris! That’s because it’s important to reduce the space in all your boxes. Take time to ensure you have items that fit well together in each box. On top of this, you also want to ensure that items are packed in a way that will be easiest to unpack. Keeping items that go in the same place, close together, will assist in this process.

Tip 3: Choose an experienced relocation company

Let’s face it – as much as you would like to be experts in all fields, you aren’t. While you should do your best in decluttering, organising and even packing your items, it’s very important to also choose a removalist company who will complete the process of moving your items to your new place, carefully. Be sure to avoid the cheapest moving company – while it may seem tempting to pay a lower price, you may end up having to pay a significant amount more when you arrive, if you arrive with a cracked TV or broken bed set. So, do your research before choosing the removalist company for your move and ensure they are both experienced and specialised in their field of removal interstate. To receive a free quote from Crown Relocations, enquire online or give us a call today.

Tip 4: Plan the set-up for your new home

If it’s possible, go into your new home and have a look at the space properly. Once you’re familiar with the layout, it will be highly advantageous if you can start planning where everything will go. This means when the removalist company unpacks your items, there will be no stress about where to put the lounge or dining table, it will already be decided on in advance. This will not only save you panic and stress on the day but will also save you a significant amount of time once the removalists arrive.

Now that you have an idea of how to move interstate in the best possible way, it’s time to get started! If you’re looking for the ultimate company to help you relocate, our team at Crown Relocations are the perfect team for you. Not only will our team value your items as if they were their own, we will be with you every step of the way. 

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