Our people making a difference for HeartKids


Crown Australia team in Melbourne volunteered for HeartKids care bag packing day last week, packing care bags and Father’s Day bags for families who find themselves unprepared for a long hospital stay when their child is diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

David Ryan, General Manager of Crown Australia collected the materials from HeartKids office in North Melbourne and transported them to the Mount Waverley office, where the packing activity took place.
The care bags contain practical items that assist families during their hospital stay, including drink bottles, socks, snacks, person care items, pens, note pads, picture frames, gym passes and teddy bears. The volunteers completed the packing of 110 bags in two hours.

Dave commented, “It was a great opportunity to get most of the team together for a volunteering day whilst making real and lasting impact for the CHD community.”

Crown Australia is a proud sponsor for HeartKids in 2022, we are committed to helping HeartKids to achieve more – by donating time, skills or other resources.

Our CSR activities range from initiatives to encourage inclusion and diversity, and helping a huge range of charitable causes. We’re proud of all the CSR activities our employees are involved in and look forward to building on this progress.

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